An alternative to conventional trading with medical devices in untapped markets

Fair MedTech is a Berlin-based company that supplies medical devices as well as maintenance services to private and public healthcare professionals in emerging markets. While our primary target is the African market where we have a wide range of customers and connections – private and public hospitals, clinics as well as doctors and resellers – we also operate in other regions.


The quality of our products and services is guaranteed by our exclusive partnerships with European – mainly German – and American manufacturers with whom we also work closely to ensure the best customer and after sales services.


Additionally, we provide tools and offer trainings to medical professionals on new healthcare technologies. While ensuring sustainable income for our company and partners, we help reduce the shortage of professional healthcare delivery in the regions we operate.

Our Partners


Whereas there is an ever-increasing competition in the high tech healthcare sector in industrialized countries, there is little to no such investment in emerging markets where the perceived risks are higher than usual and where the expected returns might not compensate the efforts. By facilitating your access to new markets, Fair MedTech gives you the opportunity to increase your bottom line without costly physical investment and associated risks.

Healthcare Professionals

Fair MedTech is the best partner for healthcare professionals. Once you become a Fair MedTech partner, you will have access to the best medical devices and unmatched after sales services, including regular trainings on the latest medtech updates. There is no longer need to spend time in complex negotiations and administrative issues with manufacturers abroad: just focus on your core business and we will do the rest.